Arm Pain

Pain, numbness or tingling in the arms, hands and fingers is a problem frequently treated with a high degree of success by chiropractors.

In many cases, these symptoms are caused by pinched nerves in the neck and can be relieved through gentle chiropractic adjustments to misaligned vertebra or poorly functioning spinal joints.

The Doctor of Chiropractic first needs to determine the source of the pain, numbness or tingling.  This is done through a detailed case history, physical examination and any necessary imaging such as X-Ray or MRI or additional lab tests.

If the cause of your arm problems originates in your neck, specific vertebrae may be misaligned, resulting in pinched nerves, tight muscles, poor joint function and decreased range-of-motion.  These problems can be corrected or improved by chiropractic care which employs adjustments, therapy, or postural advice.  Stretching and/or strengthening exercises for your neck and upper back may also be prescribed.


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