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The Chiropractic adjustment reduces irritation on our nervous system allowing our body to heal more efficiently.

Therapy & Rehab

Therapy is used to decrease pain, swelling and inflammation in the muscles and surrounding tissues. Rehab will stretch and st

Spinal Decompression

A non-surgical, traction based therapy for the relief of back and leg pain or neck and arm pain

What Our Patients Say

I initially visited Dr. Weaver to help with my tight shoulders and headaches. He not only helped relieve the pain quickly, but he showed me exercises to do while at work to maintain and prevent the issues from coming back. He also worked with me in hitting a weight loss goal to improve my eating and health!

Chronic Tight Shoulders and Headaches

( Doris L. )

I slipped and fell on a set of wet steps at the hotel pool. I landed with my full weight on my buttocks while my mid back hit on the middle step. I knew from the resulting pain and discomfort I would need professional help with my situation. After and examination and xrays he confirmed I had bruised ribs and muscles in my back along with severely bruised coccyx. He recommended a treatment of spinal adjustments, traction, ultrasound, and electrical muscle stimulation. After six weeks of chiropractic treatment and restricted activities such as lifting at home I eliminated the pain and sustained no permanent back damage.

A Severe Injury sent me to the Chiropractor.

( Theron )

For years, I experienced a stiff neck that would last for 3-5 days and just took time to work itself out. The frustrating part is that it would happen at least twice a month and I often could not turn my head. It was determined that my neck pain was a result of a childhood diagnosis of Scoliosis of my upper back. I never sought treatment as it was not a major case and just a minor problem, but over many years, it had began to cause my neck pain. After a very aggressive treatment and therapy schedule have had very few problems with my neck since receiving treatment. The doctors there are very genuine in their concerns for your overall health, as your well-being has a lot to do with your overall health.

Neck Pain/Stiffness is Relieved

( Satisfied Patient )

I want to thank Holmes Lake Chiropractic for helping my back disc problem. I wish I would have done it 10 years early. I get a treatment once a month and it's great. You feel full of energy and you feel like a new person. I am 67 years and people tell me I look like 50 years. Because of Holmes Lake Chiropractic I now have little back pain. Thanks Again

Disc Problems? No problem for chiropractic.

( Joyce N. )

I have been receiving my care at Holmes Lake Chiropractic Group since the late 70's. My back problems started in 1978. My back was in such terrible shape with sciatica and muscle spasms that I was told that surgery such as laminectomy (disc removal) was the only route to go to relieve my symptoms. . After 2 weeks of chiropractic treatments I could not believe the difference. I had come along way from the first visit when I could hardly get out of my vehicle and stand straight. I was able to resume my normal lifestyle activities without and surgery in a very short time. Holmes Lake Chiropractic's care enables me to maintain my active lifestyle. I appreciate knowing that his care is always available to me.

Treatment for a bad back keeps me going!

( Jerry C. )

After living with pain in my left leg for several months. I finally went to my primary care physician last spring and was diagnosed with left sciatica. At the time, he gave my three options for treatment: 1) medication; 2) physical therapy; 3) chiropractic care. First, I chose to try the medication, which ameliorated my symptoms-but when I stopped taking the pills, the pain returned. Then I went through a two month course of physical therapy, which helped only slightly. Having never experienced chiropractic care before, I was reluctant to try it-and therefore made it my last option. In hindsight, I wish I had tried it first-I could have saved myself a lot of pain, time, and money! Within a couple of months, I was able to discontinue ALL medication, I have returned to my normal activities and I am almost completely pain-free!

Chiropractic, your FIRST, not LAST resort!

( Mark )

I had my first experience with chiropractic treatment at a time when my right leg was in great pain and I was limited to walking for ten steps at a time. I had waited for several weeks from the first time I experienced pain. The pain was intense and I could only sleep for a short period day and night. The treatments included adjustments, electrical stimulation, traction and series of daily exercises. The pain started to ease and was completely gone after twenty days. I continue both the exercises and adjustments on a regular basis and have not experienced any pain for the past year.

Severe Leg Pain Limited All Activity!

( Don )

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